Monitor OSD keeps poppng up at random

  Cumbrian_gadgey 12:30 26 Oct 2014


I have a fairly old Iiyama H481S 19" LCD monitor. It worked fine up to last week, when the volume setting on-screen display started popping up every now and then, sometimes followed by the mute display. It would appear for a second or two, sometimes switching to the mute symbol and then disappear again. Pressing the volume button would clear it for a time. This is really annoying.

The week before I installed a Gigabyte GTX 750 Ti graphics card and a new Corsair PSU. The PC is an old Dell Inspiron 531 and still has the original motherboard and CPU.

At first, I suspected the push buttons on the monitor, or a virus. I ran AVG antivirus, MBAM and Malwarebytes anti-rootkit. That turned up nothing.

I checked all the leads and connections, pressed the monitor buttons a few times and neither helped. Most of the buttons on the monitor are not doing anything now. Only the 'Exit/sound' button works. I never really used them anyway, except for the power button, so I can't comment on how well they worked before the problem, except that the power button worked.

I then opened up the monitor and checked the buttons, all of them seemed to be free and functional. I even ran the monitor with the back off and fiddled with buttons and wires to see if it made the problem show up didn't. I hoovered the buttons etc and re-assembled the monitor. The problem remained.

Next, I had a look at the start up programmes and devices using 'control panel'. This was when I noticed that I now had two sound controllers: the original Realtech high definition audio and a new NVidia high definition audio. I disabled the Realtech in the startup menu. The problem reduced greatly in frequency but still occasionally happens.

Device manager tells me that both devices are 'working properly'.

I am thinking that I am going along the right lines and that there is some sort of software clash going on but can't think of anything else to try. The graphics card is firmly seated and everything else is working fine.

Can you help?

  Ian in Northampton 13:56 26 Oct 2014

The last thing I'd suspect would be software, virus or any of the hardware changes you've made. Much more likely - and I know you've examined the buttons for freedom of movement - is an issue with the electronics inside the monitor that are causing occasional contact to be made. I'd be surprised if that was visible to the naked eye. The two audio controllers/drivers you had, btw, would be a function of your original, plus the one needed by your graphics card to deliver audio via HDMI, I think. The fact that disabling one temporarily improved things was probably just coincidence. I'd suggest your monitor may be on its way out - especially if, as you say, it's getting on a bit.

  Cumbrian_gadgey 14:46 26 Oct 2014


I know exactly what you mean about the age of the monitor. The most obvious check would be to borrow a newish monitor that is functioning perfectly well and see if the same issues appear when used on my system, except that I don't know anyone who would lend me one.

I'd rather not splash out on a new monitor, if something else was to blame. i really would be sick if I plugged in a brand new one and the same thing happened!

  Ian in Northampton 15:06 26 Oct 2014

I think that's your only way forward - borrowing one. If you don't know anyone who'll lend you one, I don't know if you'd be prepared to lay out up to £25 on one from eBay. Once you've done your test, you could stick it back on there and probably not lose too much money on it.

  wee eddie 18:39 26 Oct 2014

Considering the quality of Monitor based audio, probably the cheapest option is to disable the Monitor's speakers and splash out on a separate 2.1 System.

These can start for as little as a Tenner.

  Cumbrian_gadgey 20:20 26 Oct 2014

Thanks to you both.

I now have confirmation that the fiddling with realtech audio settings did nothing. I have just turned on the PC and the OSD display went mad again.

As far as the sound goes, wee eddie, I never used the speakers in the monitor anyway. I've got a fairly humble pair of speakers and subwoofer that I always use. It's not hifi but it'll do. One of these days I'll get around to linking the PC to 'The Beast' that lurks in the opposite corner of the room. It's growling at me as I type. NAD amp, Marantz CD, Onkyo tuner, Monitor Audio floor-standers and subwoofer. Welcome to Jazz Club...nice!

I am about to browse t'internet in search of a new monitor. I've already made the mistake of having a few cans of beer and put Green Day on the beast. This will inevitably result in more expenditure than I really want, while my financial brain cells are suitably numbed by alcohol and punk. Ah, well...easy come, easy go.

Now I just need to find a good make of monitor...there's another thread.

Thanks again.

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