monitor or pc problem

  [DELETED] 10:08 16 Oct 2003

wheni start my pc in normal mode i get a message come up which says "56mhz to 70 mhz out of range"

so i boot up in safe mode go to control panel and device manger and everything shows up as fine.

some body told me to right click on the desktop propertys and choose settings and adaptor and change the refresh rate but the computer wont let me do that

any help or suggestions please


  [DELETED] 10:13 16 Oct 2003

sorry should have read 56.8khz not 56mhz

  graham√ 10:45 16 Oct 2003

You may not be able to access Display Properties in Safe Mode.

You can access Display in Control Panel if the desktop route is not working.

  [DELETED] 10:51 16 Oct 2003

philippo, the message is telling you that the scan frequency you have selected is outside the range your graphics card and monitor combination can handle. You need to change either the number of pixels in a line or the monitor refresh rate.

  [DELETED] 11:28 16 Oct 2003

sorted thanks guys

attached a newer monitor and it work fine so have lowered all the settings to the basic level so i can use my own monitor when i get home

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