Monitor or graphics card problem?

  giggsy 21:47 25 Oct 2004

Evening people.
My monitors colours are washed out at the moment (black is sort of dark grey and other colours are very pale)
There are also about ten white lines across the monitor that get closer together towards the top of the screen.
During boot up (Win98SE) the normal black background is grey, and the white lines are still there but are a bit further apart.
Do you think this is the monitor or the graphics card?

  Night Ryder 21:54 25 Oct 2004

It sounds very much like a monitor fault. Can you borrow a monitor from somewhere to test. Or if you have another PC perhaps a laptop. plug this in and see if the fault is still the same.

  giggsy 21:57 25 Oct 2004

My feeling was that it was the monitor.
If I can borrow another one I will and test it.
Looks like I might have to shell out.
Just before Xmas as well!
Ah well, always the way!
Cheers for the quick response Night Ryder!

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