Monitor or graphics card fault?

  hoverman 18:08 11 Feb 2004

My PC is an Evesham one and the monitor is a Taxan CV780 TFT model purchased from another source.

A couple of weeks ago when the PC was switched on first thing in the morning, that is after the system had cooled down overnight, the initial white text appeared normally during boot startup as did the Windows XP Home logo with the scrolling 3 bars below. Then on the odd occasion the screen went black after that with no further display. If I then switched the monitor off and then on the screen display, set at resolution 1280 x 1024, came up.

This is now happening every morning except after switching the monitor on and off the display is compressed in the horizontal direction.

Rebooting the PC immediately after both of the above resulted in a normal display at said resolution of 1280 x 1024. If I reboot the PC at any time during the day there is no corruption of the display.

Regretably I do not access to another monitor or PC, but this afternoon I switched off the monitor for a couple of hours to let it cool dow, leaving the PC running. On switching it on again and rebooting the screen display was as it should be.

Sorry to be so long winded but could this be a monitor or a graphics card problem? Both are still under warranty but who should I call first?

One further test I intend to do is to change the system resolution down to the level as at initial boot up and see what happens tomorrow morning. What resolution does Windows start up in?

  hoverman 19:56 11 Feb 2004


  arricarry 22:11 11 Feb 2004

The resolution is set by you within the range of the hardware. Do you have a 19inch monitor?

  hoverman 06:15 12 Feb 2004

My monitor is a 17.4inch and the resolution of 1280 x 1024 is the recommended one for optimum performance. As stated in my thread, I set the resolution down to 800 x 600 before shutting down last night. This morning the system booted up and the welcome screen & desktop appeared with no problem. I then reset the resolution back up to 1280 x 1025 in Display Properties and all was as it should be. The resolution has always be set at 1280 x 1024 since I bought the monitor just over two years ago.

  Gongoozler 08:55 12 Feb 2004

Without much knowledge or how a TFT monitor works at component level I can only guess, but this sounds to me more like a monitor problem than a graphics card one. I don't know how good Taxan customer support is, but if their customer support personel know the product at all well they should immediately be able to tell you if this is a likely fault mode.

  hoverman 09:17 12 Feb 2004

Many thanks. I have now been in contact with Repairtech Limited, who now cover all Taxan warranties, and they are not absolutely sure if this is a monitor. They are willing to exchange my monitor for an identical model and can arrange for delivery and collection at the same time. How's that for customer service?

  hoverman 09:18 12 Feb 2004

Word left out: "...if this is a monitor problem."

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