Monitor or computer fault

  ianeon 19:50 02 Jan 2006

Good morning - Is there a test that can indicate whether a fault is in a monitor or in the computer? - My monitor has been acting rather strangely lately. I get horizontal lines travelling up the screen,The screen will shrink in size slightly with the bottom task bar becoming narrower and distorted. - - All these faults are intermittent - Thank you for your time - Ian

  jack 19:56 02 Jan 2006

This sounds like an ageing CRT monitor -correct?
If so its getting near the time when the big bin beckons

  csqwared 20:23 02 Jan 2006

Don't know of any kind of tests that will help you, all I can suggest is the trial and error route. Check the graphics card is seated properly, they can come adrift slightly, check all cables and connections and if possible try and borrow another monitor and see if you get the same problem.


  woodchip 20:29 02 Jan 2006

This looks like a Graphics card problem, Ether driver as got corrupted or a faulty card

  ianeon 20:32 02 Jan 2006

CRT monitor - Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 93 - Three years old.
I shall check the graphics card - thank you for your help

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