Monitor only Displays 16 colours - HELP

  2003Andy2003 22:10 18 Sep 2003

Help please anyone,

Just formatted and re-installed Windows 98 on a Packard Bell PC, however i have an Elonex MN024 Monitor and the problem is it only displays 16-colours, anyone help with how i can get it to display True Colours as i've tried everything and am frustrated here.

Any help is much appreciated


  MAJ 22:13 18 Sep 2003

You need to reinstall your graphics card's drivers, 2003Andy2003.

  Ironman556 22:25 18 Sep 2003

You can also install your monitor driver if you want, although I see no difference on my PC.

You'll be able to download both graphics and monitor drivers from the manufacturers websites.

  2003Andy2003 12:45 20 Sep 2003

After having Re-Installed Windows 98 on this Packard Bell PC, which has a different Monitor and it's an Elonex MN024, i still cannot get it to Display True Colour it's still only 16-bit. It has a standard PCI Graphics Adaptor VGA on the board and no matter where i look i cannot find a Driver suitable to change the settings to true colour.

Any help is more than appreciated


  Jester2K II 12:49 20 Sep 2003

As stated above you need to get the correct video driver on your PC then it'll work.

Without it Windows uses the default standard PCI Graphics Adaptor VGA driver.

We need more info. Can you tell us the EXACT make and model of the PC or the motherboard model? Or if it has a separate graphics card then we need that make and model.

Then we can point you at where to get the drivers for the graphics card and the monitor.

  2003Andy2003 16:26 20 Sep 2003

Jester 2k or anyone else,

Basically it's a packard Bell PC that i'm trying to fix for a mate and this is my only problem left. On the board itself there is a Rage Pro Turbo AGP which i presume if the Graphics chip, and also he has installed an Hercules 3D Prophet Graphics card but can't find the drivers for it or anything that'll let me change from 16-colours to at least 24-colours, hope this info helps a bit.

Thanks again everyone for helping me


  Jomi 16:55 20 Sep 2003

click here I think these are what you need

  TommyRed 17:00 20 Sep 2003

Download and run Belarc Advisor which will tell you all the info that's being requested and it's free click here. TR

  Jomi 17:04 20 Sep 2003

click here are here or at least if you add the required info.

  woodchip 17:08 20 Sep 2003

Go into device manager and remove the graphics card, then restart and windows will load the new drivers you installed when it restarts

  Jester2K II 18:38 20 Sep 2003

I have to point out that in the first post 2003Andy2003 has said he/she has just reinstalled Win98 and it didn't install the correct drivers then. I don't think this card will have native Win98 drivers.

Can try but i expect it not to werk...

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