Monitor not working correctly ever since..

  munekun 23:32 18 Dec 2014

Hi, first of all i should say that i can only use CRT monitors. I am prone to migrains and i can not use an LCD monitor. My problem is, A week or so ago i woke up as normal, turned my computer on, used it for 30 or so minutes and like i always do i set it to sleep because i planned on being away from it for a few hours. When i proceeded to turn it back i noticed the screen in the top right on the bottom left corner was shaking horribly. blah blah blah i later discovered what i thought to have been the problem- An electric heater that my mother uses in her room[ that is right next to mine] There was about 6 feet and a wall seperating my monitor to her heater. I moved her heater and i didn't experience the flickering for around a day until my sister turned on her heater[her monitor was slightly effected by my mothers heater but not by her own at all], lol. Her heater is about 10 feet to the right and about 11 feet above[ My house has very high ceilings on the second floor where i am located but not on the third, where she is] After all of this i came to the conclusion that maybe it was just the heaters, but even when the heaters weren't on my monitor still seemed to flicker! it wouldn't go completely back to normal and like i said i am prone to migrains so it was horrible. fastfoward a day or so and my stepdad used the vacuum.. using the same plug that my mothers heater was plugged in to and it caused the horrible flickering once again. I decided to trade an lcd monitor for my sisters crt[ that WAS effected by the flickering once but left no noticeable signs afterwards, not like my monitor. it worked perfectly fine for her in her room] Now that i have this monitor[ in the exact same place as the other one but using a different plug socket] This monitor also has problems that didn't appear when my sister was using it. the top middle of the screen is blurred and appears to flicker differently while this one is more bareable i swear it still has a flicker! i have the refresh rate set to 100hz[ tested 70-85 aswell] which is normally more than enough for me[ my other monitor used 85hz before.. whatever happened to it] So my question is does anyone have any idea exactly what could be causing this!? is it the monitors[ both are CRT and somewhat old but worked perfectly a week or so ago] Is it the wiring/placement of my room? or is it possibly something up with my computer it's self?[pc still runs as fast as it ever did, there is no noticeable slow down with my pc at all] I have the option of switching rooms to the third story[the room directly above mine] but i'd rather not if it is something i can fix. I'd really appreciate any help!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:30 19 Dec 2014

Certainly sounds as if your monitor is being affected by magnetic fiels from other electrical devices. even plugging something into a socket next to the monitor can cause problems.

as a quickie try the monitor on an extension lead

  bumpkin 13:44 19 Dec 2014

It sounds like interference via the mains the source most likely being the heater you refer to. If possible try the monitor on another circuit (Ring main) for test purposes. How old is the heater?

  munekun 16:55 19 Dec 2014

I actually have tried the monitor both on and off an extension cord[ even tried two different extension cords] even tested it plugged into a different wall socket completely. i'm so confused as to what is causing it-also the heater is literally brand new, less than 2 weeks old.

  bumpkin 18:22 19 Dec 2014

It may not be the heater but if the problem started when you got it then it would indicate this. What type of heater is it, fan/convector/oil filled rad. You have tried an extension lead but did you try it on a different circuit as opposed to a different socket on the same circuit.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:24 19 Dec 2014

click here extreme cases when moving devices or the monitor is not possible, erecting a sheet of metal around part of the monitor can sometimes prevent interference from reaching the monitor.


  wee eddie 22:12 19 Dec 2014

I think that the fire is a distraction.

Is it possible that you have a fridge or faulty kettle on the same circuit. Alternatively it could be the Graphics beginning to falter

  munekun 04:03 20 Dec 2014

This may be incorrect but, I am now using a different crt monitor that is SLIGHTLY effected when an appliance is turned on heater/washer/dryer [not far from my room at all] the only real fault with the monitor is the top 1/4th of the monitor is blurred.. but i noticed it's not blurred in 800x600 mode. I took a screenshot just of my browser and when i scroll down to the part that appears blurry in real use [aka the top of the browser/monitor screen] it is not blurry when it's viewed outside of the top section of the monitor, does this rule out it being a gpu issue?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:22 20 Dec 2014

effected when an appliance is turned on heater/washer/dryer

if monitor or gpu was problem it would happen all the time, as stated earlier, it's magnetic interference.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:24 20 Dec 2014

Try a sheet of tin foil on the wall behind the monitor and earth the foil down to something like a radiator pipe

  munekun 00:39 21 Dec 2014

Is it definitely magnetic interference, The washer/dryer has never moved since i have lived in this house and for 3 or so months it never caused an issue, but all the sudden it does? I wish it was that simple so i can just move my room one floor up but i'm worried it's not that and it may still continue even after i move rooms.

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