Monitor not working

  Saintsman 12:57 05 May 2008

Well it is because I've tried the pc on another monitor but what the PC doesn't do is switch on the monitor.

Am I correct in assuming that its the graphic card that is the problem? If so, any recommendations? I will not be playing fancy games, just using the PC for surfing and day to day work. The pc only has the generic connection to the mother board, no seperate card.

Thanks in advance,



  Technotiger 13:16 05 May 2008

Hi, Are you saying that you have tried the PC on two different monitors, neither of which show anything on the screen?

Is the PC actually starting up, do you see any drive lights on the PC case or any other sign of life, visual or audible?

  Saintsman 13:49 05 May 2008

Yes I have tried it on two monitors neither showing anything. The monitor will not switch on from the standby position when the pc is activated.

The PC appears to be going through its start routine (lots of lights etc)

  Technotiger 14:53 05 May 2008

Well obviously the first suspect is a faulty Graphics card/drivers. Do you have a graphics card or are you just using on-board graphics? In either case you should go to the manufacturers website and download the latest drivers, this alone might fix the problem. However, before doing that, try the easiest thing first - that is, check ALL your connections inside and outside of the PC, something could have become loose, also if you do have a graphics card fitted, you should remove it and then replace it making sure that it is firmly seated in its slot, do the same with any RAM modules. While 'inside' your PC make sure that it is as clean as possible and free from dust and fluff, especially around the fans. Before delving 'inside' make sure that you touch a metal part of the case to discharge any bodily static, as a precaution, though rare, static can damage internal components.

  Saintsman 15:04 05 May 2008

It is onboard graphics. I'll look for loose connections but there is a problem with checking the drivers because I can't see anything on the screen so I can't actually check anything. Catch 22 really.

  Technotiger 16:38 05 May 2008

Are you sure that both monitors are OK? 'Tis a bit of a catch 22 as you say - not much you can do at home, perhaps your local PC shop might need to have a look.

  Technotiger 16:39 05 May 2008

Or another alternative is to get yourself a cheap graphics card, even second-hand as long as it is known to work, and try that angle.

  Saintsman 16:53 05 May 2008

I think that the graphic card option is the best bet. I just wanted to make sure that I bought the correct thing.

Many thanks

  Technotiger 16:58 05 May 2008

If your PC is perhaps a few years old, it would probably take a AGP Graphics card, available for about £25 from click here

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