Monitor not working.

  tummy gummy 11:47 29 Jan 2006

Hi, my old PC has been off for about a week when I switched it on to transfer files to my new PC the pc boots up but my monitor doesn't display anything, I've tried changing from the graphics card to the connector that came with the pc with no luck at the moment I am desparate as my wife has loads of stuff on the old pc and I am now in fear of my life can anybody help !

Thanks Tim

  tummy gummy 11:54 29 Jan 2006

Oh yes and there is 3 beeps (beeep beep beep) when I start up.


  mattyc_92 11:56 29 Jan 2006

Sounds like a Graphics Card Error....

Have you got a spare graphics card that you could try?

  jack 12:04 29 Jan 2006

Check- is monitor on - light on the front panel?
As you had not up to this time moved any thing the data plug should be OK but be sure, ondo both ends and re seat them- check for bent pins- very easy to do.

No with the monitor powered up and fully connected locate the various brightness/colour/contrast controls and give each a very slight twitch.

What has happened now

  chub_tor 12:10 29 Jan 2006

3 short beeps is usually a memory error. Try reseating the onboard memory.

  henbroon6 13:45 29 Jan 2006

Have you thought of connecting the old hard drive in the new pc.

  tummy gummy 17:34 26 Feb 2006

Thanks guys I've just tried all those and nothing has worked any other suggestions, I am trying to avoid installing it as a second hard drive on my new pc.


  Batch 17:45 26 Feb 2006

Are you sure it isn't the memory.

As chub_tor says, 3 beeps is usually sign of a memory problem.

Try taking memory out and putting back in. If still doesn't work, try another memory card slot.

If you have more than one memory card, try each of them in turn on its own - this may isolate the problem.

If still NBG, to get at the data, try plugging the old HDD into new box, (if it will be on the same controller as an existing drive,be sure you change its jumper so that its seen as a slave drive). Sometimes you need to change the jumper on the other drive to allow it to support a slave drive (don't forget to switch it back to its original jumper setting after taking ut the old HDD).

  aggyaggy 19:29 26 Feb 2006

Hi, I have the same problem with my MESH computer...received on Friday, not working now! Message on screen says'No Digital Signal' but it beeps 3 times like yours. No idea whats wrong but will phone MESH in morning. Tried the usual resiting of graphics card but no joy.

  tummy gummy 15:10 06 Mar 2006

Thanks guys as it turned out it was the graphics card, removed it and used the on board graphics and it is working again. Thanks a stack.

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