Monitor No input signal

  johnincrete 16:02 13 May 2009

All the cables on the computer at church were disconnected so that it could be stored while decorating. Put it back together & get the no input signal message. The cable to the monitor (the old-fashioned TV shape) dissapears inside the box so cannot swap cables to check. Tried another monitor & it was OK.
Is it time to get a new flat screen one?

  crosstrainer 16:07 13 May 2009

Sounds like it. You could try a shop for repair, but old CRT monitors with fixed cables (that probably what has happened with your's) often break inside the insulation.

Wouldn't be an expensive repair if you can find a local shop, but with LCD prices so low these day's a new one may be your best option.

  johnincrete 07:20 18 May 2009

LCD has the very real advantage in that they don't take up space on the (physical) desk top.

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