Monitor Mystery!!

  andywg 16:45 10 Sep 2003

I have installed some more memory on a friend's Daewoo computer (bit of a dinosaur!) But now when I went to test it on my flat screen monitor, nothings coming up!

It just says on the screen, no input signal.

I have not been near the graphics card, could it be the computer is just too old for modern monitors?

Any advice would be useful....

  Barrie_G 17:12 10 Sep 2003

what operating system is on it?

  andywg 17:17 10 Sep 2003

its on windows 98

  Diemmess 17:21 10 Sep 2003

The memory may not be compatible, have you tried going back to "before"?

  andywg 17:26 10 Sep 2003

yes, it made no difference at all im afraid

  rickf 17:29 10 Sep 2003

could it be that your settings are out of range for the monitor. Check the native resolution of your tft and set your settings of the graphocs accordingly.

  andywg 17:33 10 Sep 2003

Am not quite with you on that one!

  rickf 17:38 10 Sep 2003

TFT monitors have native resolutions at which they function best. If you set your settings under display too high for the monitor to cope, it may display the message that you get. Find out what the native resoltions for your monitor are from your manual and then set your settings under display accordingly. You may have to use a crt monitor for this test as yours is not shoiwing anything on screen so your can't change it. Hope you get me now.

  andywg 17:45 10 Sep 2003

Ah I see, sorry to be a bit thick! will try that.......

Any more suggestions please feel free.


  Dae 23:13 10 Sep 2003

TFT screens do not always function best at their native resolution, it seems.

PC Advisor, in the current edition, reports that a ViewSonic VP191b is worst at its native resolution.

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