Monitor for my laptop is not working,please help

  richyboi 11:59 25 Jul 2004

I've had this monitor connected to my laptop due to the laptop screen breaking.I've had it connected for about 2 months and the other day i disconnected the monitor andthen 24 hours later reconnected it again and now the monitor light goes green and then a click is heard as if it were to come on, but then the light goes orange meaning it has switched off. I have tried the laptop connected to another monitor and the exact same thing happened.I can just about read what to do on my laptop screen if i look really close. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

  jonnytub 12:05 25 Jul 2004

it sounds like the video card has gone kaput in your laptop, can you start in safe mode and if so what happens to the monitors then. (os??)

  richyboi 12:26 25 Jul 2004

Sorry i can't do that, but there's now been a development. The monitor now comes on at the main screen without touching it, but still goes off after about 5 seconds.

  richyboi 13:04 25 Jul 2004

A little more info if it is going to help....
I've had this problem before when i disconnected the lead and i eventually sorted it out by doing the process in a certain order, such as laptop on, monitor on and then connect the two(something like that), but i can't remember that order anymore.

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