Monitor moulded plug replacment?

  Carol Sco 15:32 29 Sep 2004

The lead the goes from my monitor to my graphics card has a broken and bent pin and I want to replace this. The lead is connected to the monitor is it possible to have new ones fitted?
Any help would be great.............

  oldal 16:13 29 Sep 2004

Easiest/cheapest fix is to replace cable. Search for "monitor cable" at click here. or visit your local pc shop.

  Carol Sco 16:17 29 Sep 2004

I was not sure if these leads could be bought.
Thanks for your help, just need to find somewhere to buy one now.

  ventanas 16:21 29 Sep 2004

Whichever way you go - replace the cable or the plug, it will need to be done professionally. The plug will need to be wired correctly if this is replaced. If the whole cable then the monitor will need to be opened up. Not a good idea if you don't know what you are doing. Some quite high voltages floating around, even when its off.

  spuds 18:39 29 Sep 2004

Try Maplin's click here , they have stores all over the U.K. Most have on-site repair facilities.A telephone call to the nearest store to you may solve the problem.

  Djohn 18:46 29 Sep 2004

The bent pin can be straightened out using tweezers and the broken pin may not be broken but one that was not there in the first place.

Some plugs have holes that are blank as they are mass produced and only the required pins are then present, leaving what looks as though a pin as been broken off.

  Carol Sco 18:56 29 Sep 2004

Thanks for the links but I am not sure what you would call this cable....they have all sorts over there so not sure of a searh term.
I have taken it out the monitor and have a pic here: click here
It has some writing on the lead AWM2990 VW1.
I would like one with the plugs already attached if possible and was wondering if these things are standard if removing one from another monitor is worth a try or may the voltage differ?

  Valvegrid 19:12 29 Sep 2004

I think you'll find you'll have to get the correct cable for the monitor, what make and model number is the computer?

  Valvegrid 19:13 29 Sep 2004

Sorry, I should have said make and model number of the monitor of course, it's been a busy day :-)

  Rayuk 19:14 29 Sep 2004

Have you tried the monitor manufacturer

  Valvegrid 19:19 29 Sep 2004

By the way, AWM2990 VW1 is the part number for the cable only, so don't get fooled by that, its the number given by the cable manufacturer.

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