Monitor Manual

  nerdy 20:31 17 Apr 2003

My PC was supplied by 'Tiny'. I have a StudioWorks 771B monitor, but a manual was not supplied. How do I find out the function of the 4 buttons on the front of the monitor? 'Time' has warned me not to experiment!

  MAJ 21:37 17 Apr 2003

I wouldn't expect much help from "Time", nerdy. The buttons are probably to adjust the picture in some way, up, down, enlarge or decrease. Are there any markings on the buttons?

  meatlaff2 15:23 18 Apr 2003

I agree with Maj. Time n Tiny seem to be an ongoing horror story ( see latest copy of Computer Active magazine, page 12. COMPUTER WORLD stores are the product of these 2 toss pot firms)I have latest version of 17" HP pavilion montitor and I can't for the life of me work out the buttons on front of it. I can't even understand the instructions. I just ask my 14 year old son to sort it. Failing that, try downloading instruction manual from manufacturer website. Good luck!

  jon2 10:32 19 Apr 2003

I have found that the manuel for my monitor where on the software disk for the monitor

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