Monitor Malfunction ?!

  Steinman 22:42 20 Jan 2003
  Steinman 22:42 20 Jan 2003

Every day when I start a Windows (Me) session, after apx 10 minutes in, my monitor display just fades away to a blank screen. However, the little green light on the monitor is shining bright meaning power is getting thru to the monitor. After a further 10 min or so period, the screen display comes back on, & everything is ok!
Makes me want to not turn the PC & monitor off ever!
I know that my monitor is knocking on a bit, but before it goes to the great showroom in the sky, can anyone tell me if they have heard of any kind of known Windows Me issue regarding disappearing screen displays for no known reason?

  BRYNIT 23:04 20 Jan 2003

If this is continues and the monitor keeps switching on and off. It sounds like monitor has seen its days. The internal board has a dry joint a fault were when it gets hot it cut off. As soon as it cools down it will come back on.
I have a similar problem with my monitor but not as bad.

  woodchip 23:07 20 Jan 2003

Try dropping the refresh rate

  Steinman 23:18 20 Jan 2003

could u tell me how to do that please?

  woodchip 23:29 20 Jan 2003

You need to right click the desktop\Properties\settings\advanced\adapter tab drop down and choose something a little lower than what it is set to if it's set to Optimal change it to about 66Mhz to see how it goes

  DieSse 23:49 20 Jan 2003

I agree with BRYNIT - I think your monitor has a problem, very possibly a dry joint. Time to raid the piggy bank.

  woodchip 23:57 20 Jan 2003

I think I have similar prob, but mine keeps jumping in and out about half inch, changes size but I keep putting it of looking with eye glass for joint. I shall have to do it I suppose before it gets worse

  Steinman 23:59 20 Jan 2003

desktop\Properties\settings\advanced\adapter tab drop down is impossible- I have not got a drop down!

  woodchip 00:10 21 Jan 2003

there should be a white slot that says refresh rate at the left of it, at the other end you will see a arrow head click that

  Steinman 10:17 21 Jan 2003

Only got a box marked Changed.No refresh rate box.

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