Monitor making a high pitch noise...

  orlandogreenback 00:02 24 Nov 2003

Hey all; just got given a monitor to replace a broken one. It's great, nice and big with built in speakers. However, it starts to make a high pitched noise after about twenty minutes; turning the sound down or muting it doesn't affect this. Only turning the monitor off for any length of time stops it; you can't just turn it off and then back on again without the sound returning immediately. This might sound inconsequential but it's getting right on my tits and is actually becoming rather painful. Any suggestions? Cheers!

  Simon_P 00:09 24 Nov 2003

That the monitor is on its way out.

You could see if it happens at a diferent resoultion and or refresh rate, and see it this makes a difference.

  Gongoozler 10:34 24 Nov 2003

Hi orlandogreenback. The high pitched noise usually comes from the horizontal scan transformer. It is caused by an effect called magnetostriction, whereby a part of the transformer vibrates under the influence of the rapidly varying magnetic field generated by the transformer. If there is any looseness in the transformer, this vibration can be quite annoyingly audible. In your case this looseness occurs only when the transformer has warmed up and therefore expanded a bit. You may find that if you increase the refresh rate, and so increase the scan frequency the vibration will become less audible. Another transformer that could exhibit this effect is the switched mode power supply, and you can't change the frequency of that. The noise may be annoying, but it is unlikely to affect the life of the monitor, and the only cure would be to replace the transformer, which would probably cost more than the monitor is worth, and possibly more even than a new monitor.

  orlandogreenback 14:49 24 Nov 2003

Have today noticed it's started on my TV too; it never rains but it pours... (I promise it's not my hearing!)

  Gongoozler 16:44 24 Nov 2003

Hi orlandogreenback. Yes it's a common phenomenon in TV's. You must be young enough to have good high frequency hearing response. I'm getting to the age where these high frequency noises are less of a problem ;-)

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