[DELETED] 14:19 17 Dec 2003

I have an annoying problem with my "spare" PC.Although I have experimented with the power settings in Control Panel the screen shuts down often only 20 or 30 seconds after booting. The only way I can get the screen back up is to unplug from the mains then replug, sometimes it works OK for half an hour, sometimes it's only another 30 seconds.

The system is an Athlon 1333 on a PC Chips M810 mobo with 256MB RAM running XP PRO.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

  [DELETED] 15:01 17 Dec 2003

Assuming you have tried disabling power management in both the BIOS and Windows.

Try installing a specific driver for your monitor, rather than letting Windows use a generic one.

Try installing the latest drivers for your video card.

If that doesn't work, have a look at your CPU heatsink/fan assembly. If it has the pink, hard type of thermal transfer compound on the base, try removing it, then replacing it with the soft white, cream type of compound and refit the heatsink etc.

I have found that this has solved a number of problems, including one like this, with a number of AMD processors, both Athlon and Duron.

Hope this helps.

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