monitor just says analog power saving mode

  rubygxx 20:46 31 Jul 2014

Hello again, my son has a desktop pc, windows vista , he has had problems before when starting up the monitor says analog power saving mode,he used to just restart and it would be fine, but now it will not load windows at all, just has black screen with analog power saving mode then switches off, the monitor is LG, any ideas much appreciated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:42 31 Jul 2014

Can be loose cable, graphics card loose, power supply problem

check monitor cable is not loose at monitor and PC

try another monitor or connect to flat screen PC

Try another cable

Remove then refit the graphics card in the PC to ensure card not loose in slot

If card powere try another power cable from the PSU to the card.

Dell PC?

Nvidea graphics?

  rubygxx 17:52 08 Aug 2014

Thanks for all the answers , i have not been able to get on laptop for last few days, going to have to go down to his and see exactly what is happening, try some of the things suggested, when i get time , it is a packard bell pc with lg monitor, windows vista, once i get down and rule out some things , will be back and let you know whats what, get more info on pc also, thanks

  rubygxx 18:57 10 Aug 2014

Been down to my sons, switched computer on, it was a long beep as opposed to the usual short one, then monitor light goes on, blue, showed LG logo, then analog power saving mode, then two seconds later monitor light goes orange and monitor switches off, he tried to connect pc to his tv as we do not have another monitor to try, but using the cables he thinks were right ones,then going to pc on the tv settings it said HDMI no signal, the computer is a packard bell ixtreme x2711 , running vista, going to have a look inside to see if anything loose, i have added memory before but never touched graphics card , so im going to see if i can find out what it looks like, dont want to be fiddling with anything else, the cables were all in firmly and nothing loose, will let you know how i get on

  rubygxx 15:23 13 Aug 2014

Update, it is the graphics card that is the problem, i opend up pc and found a tiny wee fan was broken off what i now know to be the graphics card, managed to the get it out, so now i need to find one to replace it, but trying to get info on this computer is proving difficult, it is packard bell ixtreme X2711, foxconn N15235 motherboard, graphics card is Nvidia, it has a wee sticker saying VGA/ VGA PB kit with SN/ 7602180000736003630035,that is all i can see , i may not be able to get same card , if anyone can recommend or point me in right direction to get one that is compatable ? thank you.

  rubygxx 15:53 13 Aug 2014

It does not really look anything like mine at all, i took pictures of it when i opened it but there is no way to put it on here to show you, it definately does not look like this one, thanks anyway , i may go have a look at those cards in case they look like the one i have , like the fittings may be the same

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