Monitor issue with DVI connection/fine with VGA adapter

  rzn_lyd 19:04 29 Nov 2014


a few days ago my main monitor has decided to not work properly anymore. I am guessing it is a defect, though from my perspective it is rather... weird. To be fair the monitor in question(22" Acer P223W) is rather old(8-9 years) so I could live with it not working anymore.

Relevant PC Setup: Win7 64bit Sapphire HD 6950 2GB Monitor #1 ACER P223W 22" 1680x1050 60hz (DVI and VGA connection) -> plugged in via DVI Monitor #2 Belinea 101705 17" 1280x1024 60hz (only VGA connection) -> plugged in via VGA -> DVI adapter

Problem description: Using the DVI connection from the Acer(monitor #1) to the graphics card will not give a signal, instead the status light will blink in three steps in the standby color: #1 bright orange, #2 medium bright orange, #3 dim orange - afterward 4 or 5 times it will give of a slight/really dim blue(blue = monitor on) light. While the orange blinking continues you can hear a "buzz". It won't even show the ACER logo.

Tests I did so far: 1. completly reinstalled drivers for the graphic card using the AMD Cleanup Utitily and Display Driver Uninstaller including trying out older/uptodate driver versions 2. tried out both DVI connection to my gfx card but neither worked for the ACER monitor 3. plugged in the Acer monitor via VGA instead of DVI and it worked fine 4. finally while running I decided to plug in the DVI cable and - voila - it worked, plugged in the second monitor again and it was fine... the heck?

Simple observations: It's as if my monitor while plugged in purely via DVI is trying to start. If turning it off and on multiple times the screen goes white/grey on the "right side", every now and then it turns completly white/grey. As if there is a connection somewhere missing to actually "heat(power)" it up. On top of that if I am just restarting(not shutting off) the PC, the monitor will still work and show a normal signal with either VGA or the "on-the-fly" exchange of the DVI cable.

While my hopes aren't too high in this case and I guess it's only a matter of time until it completly dies, I'd be helpful for any hints, clues or ideas about what is going on - so I know for certain that I probably should just buy a new one.

Thanks for reading and any answers in advance!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:12 29 Nov 2014

Just wonder if its drivers and VGA only works before windows and its drivers will then work the DVI.

  rzn_lyd 19:17 29 Nov 2014


regardind the drivers I tried downgrading, fresh clean install with AMD Cleanup Utitily and Display Driver Uninstaller each time. Tried the Catalyst versions 13.12, 14.9 and 14.11.2 Beta.

If I just plug it in the DVI without any drivers installed at all, even in safe mode or with drivers installed, it won't show anything - not even the bootup/bios screen. If I plug it in the VGA connection via adapter to the gfx card it works fine either way, safe mode, with and without drivers installed and shows the bios screen aswell when booting up.

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