Monitor isn't displaying but will on my laptop

  danieltaylorlevi1996 21:05 13 Jun 2014

HI, i would like to ask why my monitor isn't working on my pc , i'v connected it to my laptop works like a charm but doesn't seem to work on my pc , im using a 280w PSU that came with the PC but iv recently used the psu to power my amp/sub-woofer witch i had to cut the 12v (yellow) GRD (black) and this green wire , could this be the problem why my monitor isn't displaying?(all wires are re-connected)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:19 13 Jun 2014

Any sounds of fans or lights coming on the PC?

  danieltaylorlevi1996 21:24 13 Jun 2014

yes, fans working and lights are lighting up like normal

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:30 13 Jun 2014

Try remove and refit graphics card.

  alanrwood 14:03 14 Jun 2014

Hi Fruit Bat. With a 280Watt PSU I would doubt if it has a Graphics Card to reseat.

OP, please could you give a bit more detail about what you used the PSU for. Is it an external power unit you are referring to and if so what was it originally supplied to power.

Can you also try and explain what you mean by "I had to cut the 12v (yellow) GRD (black) and this green wire" especially the bit about the green wire which has no info ie which green wire?

  woodchip 15:24 14 Jun 2014

You should not cut any wires on the 24 pin plug, its just not going to work. sounds like as above faulty psu

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