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  chaztait 20:28 14 Mar 2005

Hi i just upgraded to NTLs 2MB broadband and i wanted to know if there are any free software out there or if NTL have the software to monitor my usage as i have a 1GB limit and i dont really want to go over that. I would not be as concerned but i am running to computers on the one modem so..double the download rate.

Can anyone tell me if there are any programmes for my needs?



  jagx400 21:18 14 Mar 2005

I am on NTL as well so gonna bounce this

  wint 21:31 14 Mar 2005

It's not free but DU Meter click here does just what you want.

It is free for 30 days evaluation and then US$19.95 to register.

If there is a free one, I'd like to know too.


  glen2409 21:32 14 Mar 2005


I'm on NTL and upgraded to 2mb. I use this program click here

  Jak_1 21:34 14 Mar 2005

On a google search all seem to only monitor time on line and not download anount. Up until now there has been little use for one.

What isp's have done is advertised like fury to get peeps on to broadband but took litle heed of server capacity hence download restrictions where we never has them before. They only think of profits!

Only 1GB usage for 2Mb! Sheesh that's low! I could use that in one day! I think I will stick with my 512 unlimited for now, still getting a good speed from it and a lot depends on how fast/slow the servers you connect to operate at. Having a higher download bandwidth won't allways give a faster download speed that is noticable.

  glen2409 21:37 14 Mar 2005

Netmeter I provided the link monitors upload and download and can monitor daily,weekly and monthly. It provides reports on all and you can set it to warn you when you near a limit you set.

best of all it's free!!!

  dogbreath1 21:39 14 Mar 2005
  chaztait 21:46 14 Mar 2005

hey thanxs alot for that last post!

thanxs everyone

a just love this forum LOL!

  wjrt 22:20 14 Mar 2005
  oscar cat 23:08 14 Mar 2005

Try this one great for producing detailed reports click here and its free.

  russmini 23:30 14 Mar 2005

Just adding to my posts to try all out at variuos times


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