Monitor 'Input not Supported' message

  dms_05 22:41 01 Jul 2010

I have an external 1920*1080 monitor connected to my laptop and it's worked well for a year. I have it set up so when the monitor is connected the laptop screen goes blank.

Today I had a minor problem and was adjusting the Intel Graphics when I made a mistake and my monitor went blank and showed 'Input not Suppported'.

If I remove the screen lead my laptop screen works but with the monitor disconnected I can't readjust the settings as it's not recognised!

Any ideas how I might regain use of my 1920*1080 external screen which still works on another PC.

  dms_05 07:42 02 Jul 2010


  mgmcc 08:15 02 Jul 2010

Try running System Restore. As the monitor resolution settings are held in the registry, System Restore should put the registry entry relating to the external monitor back to what it was.

  dms_05 09:25 02 Jul 2010

My solution was to Uninstall the Intel Graphics Driver from my laptop. This of course caused my screen to go blank. I then used the big red button to powerdown the laptop. When I repowered the laptop defaulted to an SVGA driver and W7 hunted for a suitable driver for the Graphic set. When it found these drivers it installed them and rebooted. I now have an almost fully functioning display at 1920*1080 except the task bar has disappeared at the bottom of the screen (by dragging I can make it visible BUT the Windows roundel Start button is half hidden).

  dms_05 09:27 02 Jul 2010

Of course mgmcc's solution would have been neater but I'd already taken action before his post. But thanks for the suggestion.

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