Monitor horizontally squashed

  Stuart Leyland 14:12 01 Oct 2004

Hi guys.

Recently, my sister's monitor has been giving her some grief. It was first flickering. This was sometimes cured with a degauss. Now the problem is that the picture on the monitor becomes squashed horizontally (so it goes thinner widthways). I don't think there is anything causing this to happen. The computer hasn't had anything installed on to it recently that would cause this (at least not to my knowledge) so I am thinking that either the graphics card or the montiro are on their way out.

The graphics card is about 18-24 months old and the monitor is coming up for it's 4th birthday. The monitor is a Packard Bell 17" and the graphics card is a TNT32 PCI (no AGP port I'm afraid :-().

Any advice on this issue would be extremely welcome.

Kind regards

  Noelg23 14:16 01 Oct 2004

sounds like both monitor and graphics card or one of them...I would try another monitor and see how you go with that...since you dont have an AGP slot in the motherboard you can get another PCI graphics card and try that too....but change monitor first...get yourself a cheap 17" CRT for about £50-£60 or second hand even...

  Djohn 14:23 01 Oct 2004

Can you try your sisters monitor on your machine and your monitor on your sisters PC? This will help to eliminate several possible causes including the graphics card.

Depending on the results you would then know if the card needs attention or to look elsewhere for the problem.

  Stuart Leyland 14:37 01 Oct 2004


I've just had my sister's computer apart and have blasted away as much of the dust that there was (I now sneeze every 10 seconds!) so we'll see if that does the trick. If not, I'll put her monitor on my computer for a while and find out what happens but I'm not willing to risk me nice TFT monitor (that I paid for :D) if the graphics card is the problem.

I was intending to swap the graphics cards but as mine is an AGP one and her computer doesn't have an AGP port, that was out of the question.

Her computer's just started up again now. So I'll see what it's like in 15 minutes. If it's squashed again, I'll test it on my computer and report back.

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