Monitor hdmi input not working - dual monitor set up

  Gavacado 17:04 01 Apr 2015

So I just bought a new computer and 2 identical monitors for a dual monitor set up.

Here are the products:

click here computer has vga and hdmi inputs and the monitors have all: vga, hdmi and dvi.

When I connect the monitor to the computer via hdmi (tried both monitors and several hdmi cables) it stays blank and says 'no vga input' on the screen.

The computer is set up properly; when I connect my tv to the pc via hdmi it works fine and works as a dual monitor extended set up should. This therefore indicates the computer is set up correctly, the leads are fine and thus the monitor is the problem.

It can't be faulty (or at least I hope not) as neither monitors will connect this way.

I have read around that windows 8.1 can cause these kind of problems but I really don't know much about this and have tried uninstalling and re installing graphic card drivers but it still doesn't work.

The computer always recognizes when the monitor is plugged in as the main screen will flicker and in control panel it displays both monitors as being connected; and as such if I move my mouse off the screen it will keep going as if I could see it on the next screen along.

Any ideas before I return the monitors? As I hateeee returning products purchased online.

Also thinking about purchasing a vga to hdmi converter - is this likely to work do you think?

Many thanks.


  Gavacado 17:10 01 Apr 2015

Dunno what happened with the formatting on that post in respect to the links :/


click here


  Daisy_Michael 14:57 02 Apr 2015

I would like to know about the graphics cards, that supports dual monitors. This often happens due to the missing or outdated drivers of graphics card.

  lotvic 18:30 02 Apr 2015

On the Monitor menu you need to select HDMI as the input - it obviously is set to vga at the moment. Some monitors have a button just to the left of the Power button that will cycle through the available inputs.

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