monitor has stopped working

  VANNIN 15:49 16 Nov 2003

i left pc on standby for approx 1 hour,when i returned,i could not get screen back,and when i
restart the keyboard lights flash briefly and then nothing,any ideas please,

  Diemmess 15:53 16 Nov 2003

Why are you so sure it is the monitor? ...... If the computer goes into a sleep from which it can only be revived on re-booting then the monitor will receive no signal at all during this coma.

It shouldn't happen I know, but occasionally it does this to me and the brutal temporary cure is switch off cold, do something else for a minute or two and then try again.

  Diemmess 15:56 16 Nov 2003

Should have read your post more carefully, but if you have tried switching off, please tell us exactly what lights and fans do come on and how things settle down when you try to start again.

  VANNIN 16:19 16 Nov 2003

when i re boot the ,num lock,caps lock,and scroll
lock,flash very briefly and then nothing;when i
press the power button on monitor it clicks once,
the green light appears and then goes to low power,the monitor is,HP Pavilion MX70,the tower
is HP Pavilion 7921

  Gongoozler 17:16 16 Nov 2003

Hi VANNIN. If I understand your problem correctly, your computer is not booting up. You switch the computer on, and nothing happens beyond the keyboard lights flashing. If there used to be a beep at the end of the initial boot cycle before Windows started loading, and this no longer happens, then the problem is not in the monitor but in the computer. The beep is to confirm successful POST (Power On Self Test). If this POST is not completing, and the hard drive is not being accessed, then the problem is probably a failure of the motherboard or processor. The power supply is probably ok because the keyboard lights are flashing. Let us know if I'm correct, and we'll see what advice we can give. How much more help we can offer also depends on how familiar you are with the workings of the computer, so give us more background information there as well.

  Diemmess 17:56 16 Nov 2003

Waiting for more details

  VANNIN 19:04 16 Nov 2003

hi Gongoozler/Diemmess thanks for help,you are
correct,i only have limited knowledge of P.C's

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