Monitor goes into standby after windows starts up.

  hhh123kid 13:41 18 Apr 2008

Hey, I'm using Windows Vista and when I startup my pc I can see the windows loading image but the moment windows starts up the screen goes into standby mode and wont come out of it even if I turn on and off the monitor.

I googled the problem and it definitely seems that my graphics card is the problem. I have a Geforce 7900. I started up the pc in safe mode which worked and uninstalled the cards drivers from the device manager. I then reboot and windows works fine except now I've no graphics card installed. It pops up automatically to install drivers which I allow and then asks to reboot. However, on reboot the same problem arises. Monitor goes straight into standby mode.

I've tried this many times, I tried uninstalling the drivers from the add/remove programs list and tried installing the drivers with the setup utility I downloaded straight off the nvidia website but I keep getting the same result. I am out of ideas.

Has anyone got any suggestions as to solution? I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks a lot in advance.

  DieSse 13:57 18 Apr 2008

It may well be that the graphics chip is the problem

If it is, the solution is a repair.

If it's under warranty, then your course of action is to return it. If it's out of warranty, but still pretty new, you should still have a repair or replacement right under the Sale of Goods Act.

Technically speaking, if the graphics is faulty, and it's on the motherboard, than a new motherboard would be required - which in practical terms may even mean a new system.

  hhh123kid 14:21 18 Apr 2008

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that this happened once before when I unplugged the monitor and plugged it back in and I cant remember how I fixed it. I'm pretty sure I did somethin along the lines or what I did above but I think im missing somethin. But it got fixed anyway which would lead me to believe that the hardware wouldnt be damaged.

The reason it happened now is cause I had to move the pc to another room as a floor was being put down so maybe that bit of info might help? or not I dunno.

  T0SH 14:48 18 Apr 2008

Firstly if your system works in safe mode this indicates a driver problem

Nvidia only make and supply graphics chipsets they do not make graphics cards so any drivers from them will be generic and therefore not customised for your graphics card

Identify the maker of the card by visually inspecting it also check for model version numbers

then download and install the correct drivers from the makers site

if the graphics are onboard then the drivers will need to come from the motherboard makers site

Cheers HC

  woodchip 15:17 18 Apr 2008

could be power settings, start it safe mode then check display settings in control panel

  woodchip 15:18 18 Apr 2008

should have said power settings in control panel

  DieSse 18:46 18 Apr 2008

The drivers from the nvidia site are fine - everybody uses them - I don't know of any card manufacturer that customises them for their cards.

Have you got the refresh rate set too high - on an LCD screen this can switch the monitor off - though you usually get a notice on the screen.

The fact that the graphics works in basic mode does not prove it will work in advanced modes, nor that it must be a driver problem. It is possible for a graphics chip to fail in that way - I've had one do just that.

That's not to say it must be the chip either - just that it could be.

  hhh123kid 19:00 18 Apr 2008

Ok, I forgot to mention that my pc is a dell. I tried the drivers off the nvidia site, no luck, tried the drivers off the dell site and they wouldn't install cause its not xp. I dont have the cds I got with the pc either. If anyone's got any custom drivers they could recommend I'd be grateful.

Also I opened up the pc and had a look as was suggested earlier. I didnt recognise anything significant but I guess I'll let you guys be the judge of that. On the middle circle below the nvidia logo it said "DC12V" "O.1BA" and "0711L2". On another part of the card there was another nvidia logo and under it was 2 rectangles one inside the other and inside it "VC1 or VCI" The C was kinda like a small c inside a Big C.

I dunno how relevant this is but I am completely out of ideas. The fact that it happened before and worked perfectly afterwards leads me to believe that its not a hardware issue but I guess we'll have to see.

Thx again in advance.

  thms 19:27 18 Apr 2008

Try checking your monitor cables.
I had a similiar problem if I moved the monitor,found it was a slack power connection.

I eventualy wedged in a thin piece of plastic to hold the connector in place.

  hhh123kid 19:49 18 Apr 2008

Ok i'll run down now and try the power supply I use for my guitar amp. I found the proper dell vista drivers but after I extract and run the setup I get this error message..

click here

  hhh123kid 19:57 18 Apr 2008

No luck with the amp cable. other one seems to stay in fine. and it stays on fine in safe mode. It's gotta be drivers. I got linked to this site by someone..

click here

but I dunno what to get there. any ideas?

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