Monitor goes into power saving mode (WoW)

  hamza1306 19:59 09 Feb 2018

It happend when i would log on to my world of warcraft character, i could sit in character selection screen, i could browse for hours, but when i would log in, my main monitor (i have 2) would go into power saving mode. I would manually close the pc and reopen and re-enter wow and it would work, this has been going on for months now and ive contacted wow support about it for like a week now..

Ive changed power config settings, ive updated nvidia drivers, ive disabled various programs which the wow support has recommended.

What can i do? Is the only way to "fix" this, by going to an expensive pc repair shop? Or to format the PC? The wow support has not been of more help, so ive decided to seek help from elsewhere -

Not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but thanks in advance!

(can provide PC info etc, pc is a few years old, but nothing like this should happen)

I just did a full league game right after i turned on my pc, all was smooth, and then something even more weird happend. As soon as im on my wow character within 5min the monitor goes into power saving mode - doesnt matter if my pc has been on for hours of i just turned on my pc, which literally makes the game unplayable - Can it have something to do with dual monitors? ive checked if the cables are correctly plugged and they look fine (i havent dusted my pc, like ever, could it have an impact aswell?)


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