monitor goes blank after 5 seconds

  said76 05:03 11 Sep 2008


I was wondering if i could get some help here with my monitor.

This is what happens to it.

It shows something on the screen for about 5 secs and then goes blank even with the power still on. When i turned the power off and turned it back on again, it shows something again for about 5 secs and then goes blank. It'd be like that if the power was turned on and off, on and off.

I wonder if anyone know what to cause the monitor to behave like that.

It is an Dell brand monitor

Thank you in advance

  Technotiger 08:07 11 Sep 2008

A bit more information needed - what Operating System like XP/Vista, what is the 'something' that appears for about five seconds, how long has this been going on, and tell us about your computer - is it laptop or desktop, what RAM has it got etc.

  Eric10 10:55 11 Sep 2008

This is a classic symptom of a failed inverter in the monitor. The inverter is responsible for powering the screen's back-light tubes which are needed to display the picture.
Another test for a failed inverter is to shine a torch across the screen at an angle and you will be able to make out a very faint image. If it is an expensive monitor and you have any technical/practical skills then this can be repaired. However, if you have to rely on a professional repair or your monitor is several years old then you may be better advised to just buy a new one.

I found this site useful with videos showing Dell monitors being stripped down click here and click here for a UK source of inverters.

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