Monitor And Game Brightness !!

  M4D 20:12 18 Sep 2003

Can anyone recomend a good piece of software
to brighten up my games as my monitor is at full brighteness and it's pants..

I used to use powerstrip but i want to know if there are any other good programs specificaly for adjusting gamma / brightness in games ...

Please help,
As my RTCW is looking a bit on the dark side !!

  torMentor 20:37 18 Sep 2003

if you have a reasonable (ie: non integrated) GFX card then go to settings/control panel/display then select the settings tab, followed by advanced, click on the tab for your Gfx adaptor and amongst the settings you may well find you have gamma, saturation and brightness settings, or one general colour profile adjuster, it`s also not a good idea to run a colour monitor at full brightness anyway, even though modern monitors are low emmision and ce certified safe, an overdriven colour tube can in some cases emit Xrays, and long term exposure would be bad for you, (although in normal use you can`t turn the monitor up that far faults can occur)


  M4D 19:15 19 Sep 2003

Thank's for that,
Iv'e got a Saphire Radeon 9000. Not too bad a card, it's ok but the gamma/brightness settings do nothing in games. Iv'e tried and tried but nothing seems to get the setting to work in games.

  Djohn 20:49 19 Sep 2003

Which make/model of monitor are you using, and do you have the correct driver installed for same?

  torMentor 20:53 19 Sep 2003

thats often a driver issue, my GeForce wouldn`t adjust with the supplied drivers until I downloaded the detonator drivers and suddenly the brightness worked, both from the settings and inside the games, even so sections of Wolf are very dark anyway, I often play it with the curtains closed, if you turn up the brightness for the underground sections the topside is too bright and vice-versa, you could try making sure your card is in 32bit mode, (settings/control panel/display/settings/should read 32 bit, sometimes cards end up in 16 bit (highcolor) and it can slow them down (or make no difference), since handling rgb data in 16 bits is more difficult than in 32, plus it sometimes makes a difference to the color/brightness of the image.


  M4D 21:01 19 Sep 2003

Trust in me that everything has been looked over at least twice and everything is fine it's just my monitor is a bit O.L.D ;-)
So i need something like powerstrip to sort out the brightness and gimme a little boost for certain games co's it's a little dark !!

  M4D 21:28 23 Sep 2003

Must have been a driver problem with my Cat's co's i've now got the gamma working fine after i reinstalled the darn things.
Summat i didn't want to do :`( But it worked and i can now see what im killing :-)

Resolved and many thanks !!

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