Monitor Flicker

  Dekka123 08:51 09 Jun 2010

I have a plug and play monitor and I have it on the lowest but one setting and after twelve months working perfectly it has suddenly developed a flicker. Do yoy think I ought to change any settings. The refresh rate etc is set at default. Any advice would be welcome.

  birdface 10:59 09 Jun 2010

Maybe the driver is needing updating.
Try device manager and see if there is any yellow exclamation marks.
Driver Max comes to mind for downloading drivers but will only let you download 2 a day on the free version.
But I would wait and see if you can get some other help first.

  robin_x 13:42 09 Jun 2010

Mine developed a flicker a few months ago.
(would also become unreadable and cut to black after a few minutes)

Disconnected everything, took the side panel off and wiggled a few graphics cables.

Reassembled and all was fine. I put it down to a dodgy connection.

It has just started doing it again and I now have tracked it to a dodgy joint/component in the top of the monitor.

I haven't taken it apart, but if I squeeze the flimsy case between fingers and thumb along the top of the monitor, the problem goes away for a while.

I either need to get my soldering iron out or run up my overdraft.

If you have a separate graphics card, try removing/replacing it.

Anywhere you have something apart, look for leaking, "domed" capacitors.

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