Monitor falshes off and then comes on again

  Tycho 09:07 26 Mar 2005

My CTX crt moninor has just started to flash off and then switch itslef on again immediately afterwards. this is accompanied by the normal click of the relay.

Apart from this it is working perfectly.



  Graham ® 09:41 26 Mar 2005

Could be a loose connection or cable damage. Try waggling things to reproduce/locate the fault.

If no luck, reseat the video card if it is separate from M/B.

  Graham ® 09:42 26 Mar 2005

Include the mains cable in the waggling!

  Tycho 18:47 10 Apr 2005

I did the waggleing and took out the graphics card and replaced it. No difference made.

Yesterday it gasped its last. what are the chances/advisability of repairing it?

If disposal is the only answer, is land fill the only method or can it be recycled.


  Graham ® 19:41 10 Apr 2005

Disposal is the only realistic answer! Your local council site should dispose of it properly.

  jack 21:40 10 Apr 2005

Definately the the LOPTI has blown

The bin is the only destination I am afraid.

  Tycho 19:16 11 Apr 2005

Oh, dear! And it was only recently (8 months) out of guarantee. That's what I call accurate manufacturing. :-(


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