Monitor failing or graphics card problem..?

  AdeJ 17:12 18 Apr 2003

My LG Studioworks 995SU has suddenly started altering the size of the screen vertically by about half an inch top and bottom. The monitor drivers are up to date as are my NVidia GeForce4 Ti 4600 drivers.

If I shrink the screen back down using the onscreen controls, the top toolbar has dark lines all across its length - time to call LG?

  A Cat Called George 17:42 18 Apr 2003

One thing thing before you go to LG. Do you have Windows XP? And if so does this only happen when playing DirectX based games?

  AdeJ 18:19 18 Apr 2003

Yes to Windows XP but no to the games - it is happening as I type this - it's just expanded by an inch again!

  woodchip 18:25 18 Apr 2003

Mines the other way, Width but on Win98, I know what the Problem with mine is though, Dry joint some ware in monitor I have had look but not found it yet I may have another look as it can cause other probs if left

  AdeJ 09:16 19 Apr 2003


  AdeJ 15:38 19 Apr 2003


  DieSse 17:27 19 Apr 2003

It's 99% certain to be the monitor - but if you want the best possible cross-check - try the monitor on another PC.

If you give it a smart slap on the sides or top, with the flat of your havd - does this make it change - if so, it's definately the monitor.

  AdeJ 21:32 19 Apr 2003

The old reliable slap doesn't do a thing - have emailed LG..

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