monitor fading in and out

  sunways 16:30 28 Jan 2006

Hi any ideas why my daughters 17" LG tft monitor is fading in and out, with a slight pink tinge !

Windows XP home sp2.Amd 64. 512mb. radeon ATI 128mb.

Is there a resolution best suited to this monitor ? All obvious things seem ok, no conflicts in device manager, all drivers up to date, and i have let the graphic card 'wizard' set the default setting,any ideas..........

  g0nvs 17:10 28 Jan 2006

My 17" LG TFT monitor has a native resolution of 1280 X 1024 and refreah rate of 60hz. Also 32 bit colour.
Sounds like your monitor could have a fault.

  john-232317 17:17 28 Jan 2006

Loose connection ?

  007al 17:31 28 Jan 2006

Ive seen this when a power supply unit was not powerful enough for all that was plugged into the pc.This was a system that needed a seperate power lead for the graphics card though.
You could try newer ATI drivers to see if it works.

  Diemmess 17:40 28 Jan 2006

I too think the trouble is with the monitor.
It is just possible that the scan refresh rate is set too high for the internal circuits.

Check what the refresh rate is.
75 is close to ideal, but you might find reducing the rate improves the look of things.

  DieSse 17:56 28 Jan 2006

Probably a monitor fault - but just possible a graphics card fault. Try the monitor on another system to prove the point.

It sounds more like a faulty monitor than anything.

  bluto1 18:50 28 Jan 2006

sunways, is there any out of focus/ blurring of picture on start-up?
If there is (I hope not) the tube has gone soft and will have to be replaced, but from your spec. I`d guess it`s a newish outfit.

  sunways 21:56 28 Jan 2006

No there is no focus/blurring at start up, thank god. The whole outfit is only 10mnths old, so i seem to think it must be the power supply. All connections seem OK, but the speakers power supply 'tees' off the monitor power lead and this may be the problem, a faulty connection perhaps ?.....

  Diemmess 10:52 29 Jan 2006

Sorry I misread your first. (TFT not CRT!)

I still think it is a monitor fault.

You say the speakers are teed off the Monitor's power supply? This is a low volt connection from its own mains adaptor?
If so the fault could be in the adaptor, but the colour tinge and fading are suspicious of the monitor.

As well as trying the monitor on a different computer, have you tried gentle wiggling of the monitor's data cable at the monitor end? (Have known weird colour casts from a CRT with a damaged data cable)

  007al 20:08 29 Jan 2006

On the monitor i was talking about in my earlier post faded to a pinkish instead of white for about 5 seconds.As i said,this was the power supply not giving enough power to the graphics card.As soon as the psu was changed to a more powerful one,the problem went.What do you have plugged into the pc?

  sunways 19:40 30 Jan 2006

Thanks to all, faulty power lead was the problem.

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