Monitor entering power save mode when playing games

  bionicle 21:11 25 Aug 2012

Dell ST2310 monitor goes into power save mode after around 10 minutes playing a game from disc. The disc is still playing, I can hear it through the speakers. When I press the button on the monitor it says no signal is being received from the computer. I cannot get the screen back on and so need to switch off the PC by holding down the power button. This only happens when playing a game.

PC is Dell, windows 7 64bit i-7 CPU 4GB RAM.

Any suggestions?

  rdave13 21:15 25 Aug 2012

Could be the GPU is over heating. Check your card's fan is clear of dust and all the air flow grids on your case are also clear of dust.

  bionicle 21:20 25 Aug 2012

Have dusted external vents. However with some applications including PC games the fan does go up a gear with a higher pitch noise.

  rdave13 21:21 25 Aug 2012

A good utility to test your card is gpucapsviewer. Read the help info and you can test the heat the GPU gets to in different tests. Run SpeedFan at the same time and select GPU temperature monitoring.

  rdave13 21:25 25 Aug 2012

You will need to open the case and visually examine the GPU card.

  bionicle 18:51 26 Aug 2012

Thanks rdave13. This afternoon I took the case off and using a can of compressed air, a feather duster and a few cotton buds have given the innards a good clean. There was a fair bit of dust. I initially thought problem was resolved as game was running further than I have got in the past however it did go into power save mode around 50mins in which at least is better than the 10 minutes I had been getting. Dont know if there is much else can be done. I dont want to spend a lot of money on this as its really only the kids who would like to play a few games but they mainly use the x-box.

  bionicle 20:33 03 Sep 2012

Anyone have any other suggestions?

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