Monitor doesn't kick in at startup

  WNS Ltd 19:43 22 Feb 2004

Can any one help? Sometimes when I turn on my computer the "Green" light comes on the monitor however it doesnt display. I have to hold down the "Power" button on the tower to turn it off and then try again. After about 3 attempts of doing so it normally works. Does anybody know why this might be happening?

  bremner 19:49 22 Feb 2004

Have you checkthat the connection from the monitor to the graphics card is in the graphcs card properly and that the graphics card is seated correctly in the AGP slot.

  WNS Ltd 19:50 22 Feb 2004

bremner - i have onboard graphics, along with sound and nic

  R4 19:53 22 Feb 2004

as bremner said check your video connection; remove it and replace it making sure it is properly connected.

  bremner 19:54 22 Feb 2004

Same applies with respect to the dusb connection to the motherboard from the monitor.

  WNS Ltd 20:02 22 Feb 2004

bremner - how do i do this then?

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