monitor display is upside down.

  bumpkin 23:23 10 Dec 2018

A child played with my PC and now the display is upside down. She has no idea what she did and nor do I. Now running same PC from my backup drive. Backup is bit old (my fault)so I don't want to just clone if their is an easy fix. Your suggestions welcome.

  AroundAgain 00:11 11 Dec 2018

Hi Bumpkin

Have you tried Ctrl + Alt and pressing the arrow keys?


  Flat Earther 00:42 11 Dec 2018

If the shortcut provided doesn't work, right-click on the desktop and select

Win 7 - Screen Resolution, Change 'Orientation' from 'Landscape (flipped)' to 'Landscape'

Win 10 - Display Settings, Change 'Orientation' from 'Landscape (flipped)' to 'Landscape'

And next time, mention your OS.

  bumpkin 00:56 11 Dec 2018

Sorry it is W10. Just off to bed now, as I have to swap the drives and read it upside down I assume i will try it tommorow and get back, thanks.

  Flat Earther 01:31 11 Dec 2018

You swapped drives and waited an hour for a reply, had you typed your thread title into Google you could of had the answers in 0.5 seconds.

Just saying.

  bumpkin 22:52 11 Dec 2018

I swopped the drives in bios to be able to see the screen the right way up in order to enter my question (Rather than stand on my head) :-)) The answer was very simple which I was hoping for but I did not know this when I asked. Thanks Flat Earther, solved.

  Flat Earther 01:59 12 Dec 2018

At least you have a viable backup, many don't, can't fault you for that.

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