Monitor Display suddenly wider than the screen.

  AlanHo 09:18 06 Jul 2003

Windows XP Home

LG 915FT Monitor and LG supplied driver

I have developed an intermittent problem with my display. All is OK for a while - then suddenly there is a click from the speakers and the display is distorted with the extreme edges wider than the screen. So much so that the START button is not visible. Switching the monitor off and on has no effect. Sometimes after a minute or so it pops back to normal - other times I have to use the monitor buttons to reduce the width. Rebooting sometimes clears the problem.The problem initially occurred perhaps once per day but is gradually increasing in frequency to every couple of hours or so.

Have carefully cleaned the computer internals of all dust (and there was plenty) and reinstalled the monitor driver with no improvement.

Have used XP Restore to go back a month - again no cure.

Seems like a hardware problem - but which component is most likely to be at fault.

  Tazfan 09:29 06 Jul 2003

Have you checked to make sure all hardware cards, including memory, are seated properly, by removing and replacing them?

  bamfiesler 10:18 06 Jul 2003

This is probably not relevant, but have you tried de-guassing the monitor? Where are your speakers in relation to your screen? Does the monitor itself make any sound whilst the effect is observed?

  AlanHo 11:27 06 Jul 2003

Yep - checked the seating of all components when I cleaned the computer internals and have tried degaussing the monitor. The speakers are about 12" each side of the screen - the monitor is silent. The click comes from the speakers when the screen 'pops' wider.

  birksy 11:40 06 Jul 2003

Had a similar problem and found that letting Windows manage the refresh rate at "Optimum" seemed to be causing the problem.
Manually setting it to a "refresh" rate of my choosing ( i.e. 75Hz ) seems to have overcome my problems. Suck it & see.

  peterb1947 15:47 06 Jul 2003

sounds like a refresh rate problem.
try setting at default or check what it is set at now and set it at a lower setting,

  DieSse 16:06 06 Jul 2003

99% sure to be a monitor problem. Software/drivers unlikely to affect a monitor in this way. Any adjustments that make such a problem go away are probably masking the real problem, by not driving the mintor quite so hard.

Monitors are usually guaranteed by the manufacturers for thred years, so if it was me I'd be making noises to the monitor manufacturers service line. just describe the problem, but stress that it's getting worse, and see what they say.

  Ironman556 16:19 06 Jul 2003

Check the cable connectiong the monitor to the PC is not loose anywhere. If you have another monitor try that.

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