Monitor Display Settings Keep Changing

  14all 16:02 02 Jun 2003

Over the last few weeks my 15-inch multi-scanning colour display CRT monitor has been changing its settings when I start up my PC
I get this warning on the screen:

There is a problem with your display settings.
The adapter type is incorrect, or the current settings do not work with your hardware.

I have been going into display properties and changing it back to 800 x 600 pixels.
There are four colour settings available 16 colours, 256 colours, high colour 16bit, true colour 24bit. Which one do I use? as the user manual just says Display Color: Analogue input, unlimited number of colors, and when I set it to true color 24bit I had no end of problems

Its set on high color 16bit at the moment but I have to put up with a display that really glares or when adjusted by the monitor controls a mushy low contrast display.

Has anyone got any ideas what’s happening or is it just getting to old at 5 years?

Regards all41

  Gongoozler 16:22 02 Jun 2003

Hi 14all. What Windows calls Display Adapter, the rest of us calls a Graphics card or Video card. The problem you are having is that the graphics card driver you have installed can't handle the display settings you have chosen. This means that either you have a very low specification card, or it has the wrong drivers. Do you know what card is actually fitted into your machine? When you go into Display Properties, click on Settings - Advanced - Adapter, does the panel report the same card model as you have installed? While you are there, also check that the refresh rate isn't set to high for your card and monitor.

  14all 17:51 02 Jun 2003

Hi Gongoozler

The card is still the one supplied with the (Tiny) PC a: Intel 740 Win9x Pc3.OW 3.1.2029-980829
The refresh rate is set to Optimal.
The display driver is gfx.vxd

I hope thats the right info you wanted.

Regards all41

  bambam005 22:23 02 Jun 2003

Gongoozler is likely right . That Intel card is pretty low spec but if it has been working fine till now something has clearly changed . Did you change the drivers or any other settings or install any other software around the time this problem started ? What mode were you using while this was working ok ?

Can you post more details i.e. your OS , processor speed , memory etc as this will help people narrow things down a bit .


  14all 01:29 03 Jun 2003

Hi bambamoo5

Thanks for posting.
My OS Win 98 Processor Pentium 2 350MHz
512K CPU Cache 64MB Fast SD RAM 1000MHz
6.4GB Ultra DMA IDE Hard Disk Drive
8mb AGP 3D Accelerated Graphics card

About 4 weeks ago my digital camera went wrong and had to be replaced so all the software for that was unistalled and the PC still worked OK after that.
The new camera came with its own software which was loaded on OK but required the latest Quick time player 6.1 which was download from there own site. the new camera works though the USB port rather than the serial port that the old one work on.
I have also though the new camera software install the win 98 driver for the USB port.

This monitor has always been set on 800 x 600 but i've got to be honest I never known what colour setting its been on.

Regards All41

  Gongoozler 10:03 03 Jun 2003

I have just looked at the specification for the Intel 740 here click here, and it should manage the following performance:
Display Resolution: 640x480x8 up to 1280x1024x16 @ 48 Hz - 85 Hz Refresh Rate. I assume that "8" and "16" refers to the number of bits, so it is not surprising that you have had problems at 24 bits, but you should be able to get 16 bit colour at 800 x 600 pixels as long as your refresh rate is no greater than 85Hz. I am not sure what "optimal" refresh rate is, so if you have the option try a specific rate. Anything above 60Hz should be fairly flicker-free.

I think your card is on an AGP port, and there are several very good cards available under £30. As long as you don't want fast gaming support I can recommend the GF2 MX400 based cards which come under several manufacturers brand names.

  14all 16:28 03 Jun 2003

Hi Gongoosler

You were right about the refresh rate, I changed to 75hz and its made the screen a lot easyer on the eyes and given me back a bit more adjustment of the monitor controls.

I will take your advice and look into the GF2 MX400 card as I do not need fast gaming support but it sounds as though I will be better off with a new card such as this.

Thanks for all the time and effort you have put in on my behalf much appreciated.

Regards all41

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