Monitor display with DVI cable

  TOFF 21:41 16 Aug 2012

I have a Samsung Syncmaster t220 and have been having problems with the display in analogue mode (wavy at the borders and flickering). Not too serious but annoying. My son advised me to use a DVI cable so I bought a Belkin dual link DVI D cable. However, when I switched on again all I get is my desktop picture and no windows icons or mouse arrow. I know windows has started up because all the right sounds are made culminating in skype's whoosh. Can anyone pointy me in the right direction. BTW - I notice that the display still flickers. Might the monitor be on the way out?

  Matt Egan 11:32 27 Sep 2012

Our Helproom Editor answered this query for the mag:

  bluesbrother 13:01 27 Sep 2012

You can select which video imput the monitor will use, analog or digital, via the the 'source' button on the side of the monitor.

A very handy wee feature. I have ran two PC's through my Asus monitor using this method to switch between the two.

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