Monitor died while I was in the loo!

  rawprawn 10:22 19 Sep 2005

My monitor was working perfectly and I was scanning with Adaware. I left it scanning and went to the loo. When I came back it was dead, not even the standby light. I have checked the cable, and borrowed another monitor which is working fine. So it looks like a power supply problem. It is a Dell 15" Flat TFT. 3 Years and 9 months old.
A) Is it possible to get mended
B) Is it worth mending
C) I have about £200 to spend on a new one, can anybody recommend where and what to buy as a replacement if this is the way to go.

  Hamish 10:32 19 Sep 2005

Check out this site. I have not used them. Also try a Google search for TFT moniter repair. With £200 you could get a nice 17" or even a 19" TFT.
click here

  Sethhaniel 10:32 19 Sep 2005

I always watch my computer on startup and closedown - as once unattended they give up the ghost - my monitor did that while I was doing a defrag - luckily it was on 2 years and 11 months of a 3 year waranty and I had a new monitor next day - ALDI are doing a 17" flat screen at £139.00
you coul;d always give it to tv repair man and see what he says ;)

  Hamish 10:34 19 Sep 2005

I should have added that I bought a 19" TFT Targa moniter from Lidl. Very good

  woodchip 10:43 19 Sep 2005

Lidl Aldi monitors are both Medion monitor with different Brand name

  spuds 11:05 19 Sep 2005

Wouldn't consider repair, looking at the price reductions being offered on brand new units. A new three year peace of mind warranty would be the big advantage.

  wee eddie 11:08 19 Sep 2005

If there were no problems with the screen prior to its' demise, the transformer may be the problem.

See if there is any other way you can supply the same voltage for a short period, just to test the transformer, as a new one is fairly inexpensive

  rawprawn 11:13 19 Sep 2005

Thank you for that, I was flushed but not with success!!

  rawprawn 11:17 19 Sep 2005

I'm no electician, and I don't know how to run such a test. The mains cable is simply a cable (No transformer on it) straight into the monitor. As I said I have tried a different cable to no avail.

  rawprawn 11:18 19 Sep 2005

I am thinking that may be the sensible way forward.

  jack 11:42 19 Sep 2005

It was something ate!
Those oriental dishes are like FIRE!
coming back to reality- If the monitor is self powered, direct from mains- as opposed to separate 'power brick' then it is almost certain a new monitor is on its way - a repair shop would have locate a new part from a specific source.
If the maker has a web site it may be possible to track spares via there- but the likely cost of all that shenaggens is well on the way to a new one I should think..

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