monitor computer switch on/off

  xperian 17:06 15 Nov 2008

I have hi grade xperian with wireless keyboard and mouse

From the computer i cant switch on but i can use the remote control to turn it on - however the keyboard from the top buttons like FM, TV/VCR, DVD and so on doesnt work when i click the buttons

Also i noticed i have to plug in the mouse all the time as it wont work without the lead from the computer.

I broke the clip thing from the cover as i was trying to take it off and now the piece gone inside the hole!! but its ok and hope it wont damaged inside the keyboard - oops

As for the batteries well i put new batteries and I then press stand by and its turn on the computer (first time it has done that with the new batteries) - however the dvd/vcd, cd/mp3, and pc doesnt work when i press it

From the monitor to turn on doesn't work either! either the montior switch is faulty??

  lotvic 17:18 15 Nov 2008

How long have you been unfortunate enough to own a hi grade xperian? (When did you buy it new?)

  xperian 18:46 15 Nov 2008

I had it since 2001/2003 something like that - i didnt purchase it as it came from disabled students allowance as i was a student at the time but i quit the course within six weeks!

  xperian 19:35 15 Nov 2008

sorry it was in 2003

  lotvic 20:08 15 Nov 2008

Was it all working with no problem before?

  lotvic 20:29 15 Nov 2008

Make sure the New Batteries in the keyboard and the Mouse are in properly and making contact.

Switch off the whole thing and unplug from wall socket.
Wait for 1 minute then plug it all back in and switch it on.

  xperian 22:10 15 Nov 2008

Yes it was working before with no problem but i just remember something i unplugged the computer as its was the wrong plug and the computer shut down and then after that it didnt work

I have mouse they are rechargeable batteries - i didnt think i need to have new batteries?

I have tried switch it on from the monitor but no such luck - it only switch on from the remote .control or keyboard stand by

  lotvic 22:49 15 Nov 2008

so the new batteries you mention in your first post were for the remote, is that right?

Do you have an owner's manual for the xperian?

  xperian 23:03 15 Nov 2008

No it was for the keyboard. I know my remote control is working so far i know - the keyboard and the mouse is working its just the switch button on the top of the monitor that is not working and the top of the keyboard.

Yes i do have the owner manual for the experian.

  xperian 10:40 16 Nov 2008

ok i will try and find the driver but not sure if it come with xp reset recovery cd???

  lotvic 21:24 16 Nov 2008

I think you would now do best on the support page for Higrade that Marg7 has found :)

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