Monitor colours looking washed out

  dagbladet 17:46 03 Oct 2003

Hi all, I'm using my seven year old Fujitsu CRT with my new my new XP base unit. On each side of the screen there is about a 1 inch strip from top to bottom where the colour looks slightly faded. It didn't just appear when I got the new machine, I think it slowly built up with the old one. The brightness and contrast are up as far as they'll go. Is there anything I can do or should the old girl be retired soon ?

  AndySD 18:03 03 Oct 2003

Time to upgrade I suspect. And you will apreciate the flat screens and better colour on a new monitor.

  Djohn 18:03 03 Oct 2003

Not sure on this, I'm not a technician. But if the strips are even and on both sides of the display, I don't think its the monitor. It could be the graphic card or drivers. Have you tried using different resolution and refresh settings?

Also make sure that your speakers are well away from the monitor, though this usually cases a flickering of the screen rather than colour loss. Also if your monitor does not have an automatic degauss, try a manual one from controls on front of monitor. Give this a try and post back if no improvement. Meanwhile someone who understands the workings of monitors may see your thread and offer advise. j.

  Djohn 18:05 03 Oct 2003

Well I did say someone more qualified would answer. Just didn't expect it so soon. j. ;o)

  AndySD 18:13 03 Oct 2003

Thanks for the compliment but I'm not to sure about bieng more qualified (my wife says I have a head that absorbs more useless infomation than anyone she has ever I liked your answer but my instinct is the gun is failing..

  dagbladet 18:14 03 Oct 2003

Cheers all, Speakers are actually right next to screen on either side, nowhere else to put them, but will stick them on the floor for the sake of fault finding. Strips are equal, about 1-1.5 (how do you do fractions) either side. Degauss ???? Controls on front are; cont, bright, then three push buttons, one to select and "up" and "down". Nothing appears to be called degauss.

  Forum Editor 18:14 03 Oct 2003

Give your eyes a treat, and get a new monitor. This one is probably at, or near the end of its life.

IOf you get a new CRT monitor, there are a couple of tips you can employ to maximise its working life:-

1. Keep it cool. Heat is the big enemy of CRT monitors, and the cooler your monitor, the longer it will last. Don't stack papers on top, and do keep the ventilation grille free of obstruction.

2. Adjust it properly. Many people turn the contrast and brightness controls far too high, thus shortening the monitor's life. When you turn up the brightness you increase the voltage at the CRT faceplate, and turning up the contrast increases the velocity of electrons as they hit the faceplate. Both of these will decrease the CRT's life expectancy by as much as three years.

  dagbladet 20:23 03 Oct 2003

Sorry for the pause. Kids football training. I'm starting to accept that the old monitor is up for retirement. I plead guilty on both counts of having bright and cont at max chat, though to be honest, for the past year or so it seemed necessary to get a good pic. Can we just run through this degauss thing once more. What is it, how do I do it etc.
keep the good stuff coming

  dagbladet 20:33 03 Oct 2003

Current settings:
15" CRT Fujitsu 7 years old
XP, Athlon 2600+, 512 mb, Geoforce 4MX440 AGP8X
Screen res 800X600
Colour qual highest 32bit
refresh 85hz

  woodchip 20:38 03 Oct 2003

Right click on desktop/properties/settings/advanced/Adapter and see what it say's for refresh rate you could try it a 75hz do not go too high as it's an old monitor and going too high could be the last breath it takes

  dagbladet 20:41 03 Oct 2003

Isn't 75hz the speed that'll make me go dooh-lally (as my granny used to say).

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