monitor colour mystery

  joenlinda 14:58 16 Sep 2003

when i switched on today my monitor displays a hazy colour around the bottom bar and sides distorting the real colours its ok in the middle and top are thier any viruses or suchlike that can do this or is my monitor playing up, can anyone shed any light on this thanks.

  alcudia 15:46 16 Sep 2003

You can try disconnecting it from, and then reconnecting to the pc. Often fixes colour problems. Switch off first.

  Tog 16:12 16 Sep 2003

Have you moved the monitor or put any electrical kit near the monitor recently? This can generate a magnetic field and interfere with colour purity.

Monitors should degauss themselves at switch-on and you may find there is a degauss option in the OSD menu. If you select the degauss option and you don't get a buzzing sound or screen shimmer then your degauss coil is nadged (or the fuse).

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