Monitor cable pin lost!!!!

  YinHoNg 23:23 09 Jan 2005

Ok, here's the situation: the monitor's cable that connects to the base unit (sorry i dont know the name) well one of the pins have broken off so now i can't get anything on my monitor screen!!

I REALLY don't want to buy a whole new monitor, so do you know if there is any way to fix it? I did try looking for the pin but to no avail......

  red dragon 23:25 09 Jan 2005

Is the cable fixed at the back of the monitor, or is it removable?

If it can be unplugged from the back of the monitor you can get a replacement cable.

  YinHoNg 23:27 09 Jan 2005

Yeh its the one that's fixed at the back........ =(

  red dragon 23:29 09 Jan 2005

No real easy fix then.

Crt monitors are really cheap at the moment. Check you loacl freeads....there are always loads for sale cheap.

  YinHoNg 23:47 09 Jan 2005

Ok thanks. I think i might get a whole new system actually now.....

My current computer is 750mhz 128 ram and in a really old Time case. It keeps buggering up too.

Do you know any good second hand shops to look for computers?

I've realisticly got a budget of 200 or less.

  ton 00:00 10 Jan 2005

Are you sure you have lost a pin?

It is normal for one pin to be missing on a monitor cable.

  GaT7 00:04 10 Jan 2005

Check your local classifieds or Freeads, Adtrader & similar - some of them are online as well.

Ebay may be a good place if you're looking for a bargain - Sorted by "Time: ending soonest" click here. Sorted by "Price: lowest first" click here. HTH, G

  YinHoNg 00:53 10 Jan 2005

" It is normal for one pin to be missing on a monitor cable."

is it?! I'll check tomorrw.

Crossbow7 thank you so much for those links - they;ve been extremely helpful: i just hope i can nab a goody!

Will keep you all updated.......

  Djohn 01:33 10 Jan 2005

usually 14 pins on a 15 pin cable! :o(

  GaT7 01:41 10 Jan 2005

Some more links: AdTrader click here, Computer classifieds at Freeads click here, Desktop computers at Ebid (another auction site) click here.

ton is right about having one pin missing.

I have two pins missing on my CRT monitor - one I broke myself sometime ago! If I pull the cable out of the graphics card I get a message on screen saying, "Check Video Cable", but apart from that the picture is absolutely fine : ) G

  YinHoNg 11:27 10 Jan 2005

Well i have no idea why the monitor isnt working then........ =(

I'm sure the cable is connected properly but nothing is coming up on screen.....

Maybe its the system thats broke.

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