Monitor Buzz

  [DELETED] 16:22 29 Sep 2003

not a major problem, but when i start up my computer, the monitor makes a high-pitched buzzing noise for the first 5 mins. much like the noise you hear from a TV. it's quite annoying? anyone know the cause/solution?

  hugh-265156 16:36 29 Sep 2003

crt or tft?

is the noise coming from the monitor casing itself?

try moving any power supplies amplifiers and speakers well away from the monitor.try degaussing the screen.

if it only happens when its cold,i think this is known as a warm up problem,may be worth getting it looked at.

  [DELETED] 16:40 29 Sep 2003

Hi rabbitrabbit. This noise is almost certainly caused by the line output (horizontal scan)transformer (the same thing as you hear the whistles from in your tv). It could be a switched mode power supply transformer because these also run at high frequency. The effect is called magnetostriction. It is caused by a slightly loose part of the transformer vibrating under the oscillating magnetic field. It usually goes away after a few minutes when the transformer warms up and things get a bit tighter. There is no cure other than replacing the transformer, but that would probably cost more than the monitor is worth, and there is no guarantee that the new part would not exhibit the same effect. You could try running at a faster scan rate. The whistle doesn't cause any problem other than being annoying. The only way of completely avoiding this problem is to buy a flat panel monitor.

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