Monitor blanking out

  jaantrag 20:14 08 Nov 2007

Hey, I am a new member and i am seeking help for my problem.

i use the pc in school dormitory and only for internet, movies and for few games.

Pentium 2 350MHz
Ati Radeon 9200 LE
384MB Ram
Windows XP PRO sp2

the problem i have is that i resently formatted my HDD and i wanted to install Win XP again, so i did (win XP), after i installed it, and installed the GFX card driver (straight from home page) everything worked fine until the monitor blanked out just for random, everything kept still running after the monitor blanked out, , and the screen didint came back untill i restarted the pc, and it worked fine again for some time and then blank screen.

i reinstalled the drivers, but still it happends.

the time of the blanking after rebooting is random , 10-40min,

in safe mode it dosent happend.

i checked the power saving settings and they are all off. monitor too.

anyone have any clue whats wrong whit it?

one guy told me that the problem might be whit the motherboard, but i have no clue about that.

it worked all well before i reinstalled the windows, - it was xp pro before too.

all help is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

  skidzy 20:21 08 Nov 2007

Sounds like a buggy driver,maybe try an older version.
If ok in safemode,then i would say the mobo is ok.

  Totally-braindead 20:23 08 Nov 2007

Did you install the motherboard drivers before you installed the graphics card drivers?

These are the latest graphics card drivers click here

Because of the time you mention "blanking out after XXX minutes" I would normally suggest overheating as a possability however you mentio it runs ok in safe mode and that suggests to me driver problems.

  jaantrag 20:38 08 Nov 2007

well, i use the newest drivers that the home page have..

and before the format i used the same ones too, and then it worked all fine.

i was thinking about that the windows might be buggy, cos i used a friend CD and it might be corrupted..

before that i installed it whit my own cd that i have in home.

  skidzy 21:02 08 Nov 2007

il take jaantrag post as a thankyou then !!!

  jaantrag 21:09 08 Nov 2007

well actualy i sed that i use the newest drivers, as i did before, but it still happends.

  jaantrag 21:12 08 Nov 2007

sorry for double post,

but i forgot to add the im not new to computers. but this problems is out of my range ..

  skidzy 21:25 08 Nov 2007

check Totally-braindead's post,have you loaded the mobo drivers,and if the latest graphics driver is buggy on your system...try my advice and use an older version.

  jaantrag 22:11 08 Nov 2007

ok, i installed the older gfx-card drivers but still it blanks out this time it tooked 3 min.

  Totally-braindead 23:54 08 Nov 2007

I don't know if this is the problem but its possible so I'll ask again.

Did you install the motherboard drivers before you installed the graphics card drivers.

You should have
1 - formatted the drive
2 - installed windows
3 - installed the motherboard drivers and then
4 - installed the graphics drivers and then printers, scanners etc

The reason I ask this is windows installs its own motherboard drivers to get itself running but they may not be the right ones so it is important to install the motherboard drivers provided to you by the manufacturer. It may be the XP drivers are newer than the ones you have for the motherboard and the motherboard drivers might not be needed but if the drivers are the ones installed by windows and they are not the right ones the PC will do funny things.

  jaantrag 06:53 09 Nov 2007

the drivers for the motherboard is olds and from the mobo homepage its only for win 98

before this thing started to happend, i didi everything the same way, installed windows, then gfx card driver, and it workeed all well, no problems at all,

i will install winxp from my own cd next week, and if its still the same i have no clue..

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