Monitor Blanking and Computer Re-start

  SURVEY 18:31 26 May 2006

I have recently been experiencing the monitor blanking and sometimes the whole computer then shuts down and restarts itself. Once the screen blanks I can only rarely get it back without restarting the computer. The last time this happened I did notice a message at the bottom of the screen saying'Out Of Timing V...' and I could not catch the rest as the computer restarted. I did wonder if this was a time-out (idle, as the setting was at 20 minutes ) on the Internet but on the last occasion I was not connected to Broadband at all.

I do not think this has anything to do with overheating as all I was working on last time was a sort Word document and the computer was not in a warm area.

Any ideas?

  SURVEY 11:14 27 May 2006

VoG. Thanks for your suggestion. Of course, the problem has not arisen since. I will post the result if it happens again.

  SURVEY 17:29 31 May 2006

Since my last posting the sceen has blanked a couple of times. The message at the bottom of the monitor was 'Out Of Timing V24Hz H19kHZ'. Does this give a clue as to the problem?

I do not know if it is relevant but most occasions when this occurs I am using Word or Excel. I also think I may have been connected to Broadband at the time.

Any help appreciated.

  SURVEY 17:42 31 May 2006

I have just checked the Error Log and find the following: 'Faulting application dad9.exe, version, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.1.2600.2180, fault address 0x00010f29.'

Is anyone any wiser and can help me please?

  wee eddie 17:50 31 May 2006

There are only 5 pages. The first couple are queries like yours and I found no answers

However, if you head for the latter pages there are several Monitor manuals which have suitable references.

I'm afraid that Icnbb to read them, but one of them may help you.

  SURVEY 18:03 31 May 2006

Wee Eddie - I checked the google link. Interesting it refers to problems with mohernboards Mesh computers using Radeon cards. That is mine. Davey from Mesh had posted on this matter showing on the Google link.

My note from the Error Log indicates Dad9.exe. I just wonder if there is a conflict with Corel Wordperfect that resides on my computer for occasional use; that has a DAD icon and program and maybe that is trying to connect to the Internet? Am I grasping at straws here? I have now deleted the DAD program within Wordperfect Suite.

  wee eddie 18:05 31 May 2006
  SURVEY 18:17 31 May 2006

You may have hit the nail on the head with this! The reference to the Error Message is remarkably what I had. Although Wordperfect has not been running, this dreaded Desktop Application Director may well have been. However your link states that the problem may occur if the display settings are altered whist the DAD program is running. The display settings were not changed! Having now deleted the DAD element of WP I shall be interested to see if the problem is solved.

  wee eddie 18:33 31 May 2006

without Dad9.

It might make sense to do a System Restore and recover Dad9, and then move it to another Folder or Rename it, rather than delete it.

Then if Wordperfect really needs it, you can restore it when you need it.

Good Luck.

  SURVEY 18:51 31 May 2006

WordPerfect seems to work OK without Dad9. However, I take yor point and have restored it for the time being but renamed it.

  wee eddie 19:07 31 May 2006

Here's hoping

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