Monitor blank when booting up computer

  shaunq 10:55 17 Jul 2013

Hi all,

A couple of days ago my computer froze during normal usage. When trying to reboot the computer the monitor stayed completely blank, with an orange light rather than the usual blue one (as if in standby mode perhaps). The computer turned on fine, it was just that the monitor wasn't picking anything up.

I'm not a computer expert but I'm guessing this is a hardware fault. I have tried to isolate several different parts to test each component. The monitor was plugged in to a different computer and works fine. I also suspected the video card might have been at fault and so I replaced it with a video card from an old computer and the problem still existed.

I'm now unsure as to what else it could be, perhaps the mother board?

If anyone has any ideas what else could be causing it or suggestions for how to resolve this then that would be a huge help!

Thanks, Shaun

  spuds 11:08 17 Jul 2013

Have you checked to see if its a driver issue?.

You haven't mentioned the operating system you have, but have you also checked in the installed monitor devices part of system, and seeing if there are errors or diagnostic checks showing there?.

  shaunq 11:55 17 Jul 2013

Thanks for your response.

I am running XP.

To check the drivers wouldn't I need to be able to boot up the PC fully? I can't see any of the boot up process as the monitor is blank instantly. This means I can't get into safe mode or anything like that to attempt to resolve a problem, hence me thinking its a hardware problem.

Or are you saying that I should try to turn the computer on with a different monitor plugged in as it may be an issue with the way the computer is reading the monitor (due to driver problems)?

Apolgies if those questions seem stupid, I'm not very technically minded when it comes to computers!

  woodchip 12:03 17 Jul 2013

There is nothing wrong with the monitor it will show orange when it is not getting a signal from the PC. Most likely fault is it needs a new PSU Power Supply

  shaunq 12:19 17 Jul 2013

The computer power supply unit seems to be working fine (I hear the fan come on and the lights are working). Is this what you mean?

  woodchip 12:25 17 Jul 2013

That does not mean a thing, you could do that with about two penlight Battery's Take my word for it, the hot weather as finished it off

  shaunq 12:50 17 Jul 2013

OK, I'll give that a go when I get home and fingers crossed it will work!

Thanks for the help.

  shaunq 12:50 17 Jul 2013

OK, I'll give that a go when I get home and fingers crossed it will work!

Thanks for the help.

  Jollyjohn 13:34 17 Jul 2013

Do you have onboard graphics on the PC? If so try it.

I agree it could be PSU.

  wee eddie 15:52 17 Jul 2013

Summertime and we have a slew of overheating problems.

I'm not saying that this is one of them but, taking the case off and directing an airstream around the interior, with the diligent use if a 1" Bristle Paint Brush to dislodge any recalcitrant dust, would not go amiss.

Once this is done, re-seating of any Cards and RAM Sticks would be good. Plug everything back in and pray.

Such a spring clean, frequently, does the business. However if you are still in the same position, you need to look at your Graphics Card.

  woodchip 19:14 17 Jul 2013

wee eddie Had to that with one of my desktops that is run through 32ins Sharp Freeview TV. Got desk-fan blowing air in to keep it from Freezing. its got a Celeron in it but the Plastic Clips that hold it down got Broken Its held down with Plastic ties. Where can I get one of those square Plastic Motherboard Frames for the CPU ????

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