monitor blank after restart using reset button

  cowley 11:18 22 Jun 2005

Screen stays blank after using reset button to restart system (XP pro, Hansol 17" monitor nVIDIA Geforce MX4000 Graphics card. Syste will only restart after powering down.

  Never again 11:41 22 Jun 2005

Do you mean that your monitor is blank after you turn your pc on, or that it wont shut down automatically when you turn it off?

..and what colour is the monitor light.

  cowley 12:14 22 Jun 2005

After using reset button monitor screen stays blank but system fans start, cd rom drive blinksetc. Monitor light does not turn green as normal but continually blinks orange.

  gudgulf 12:35 22 Jun 2005

What happens if when the system is running correctly you use Start>Turn Off Computer>Restart to reboot the pc? Does the monitor still go to the blank/standby mode then?

I assume that you are getting problems which need you to use the reset button.

  cowley 12:54 22 Jun 2005

monitor still stays blank, orange light blinking, if normally operating system goes through start shut down restart selected.

  stylehurst 14:01 22 Jun 2005

It sounds to me from your description that for some unexplained reason your monitor has gone into power saving mode/standby.
What does the instruction book say about such matters

  gudgulf 14:23 22 Jun 2005

Are you getting unexplained system freezes/lock ups that require you to reset your pc?

This sounds like a heat related problem......check that the cpu,graphics card and any case fans are working and that the heat sinks/fans are not clogged up with fluff and dust.

Other things to try are removing and reseating the graphics card and ram memory sticks and check that all connections to the monitor are sound.Failing that it may be the psu playing up.Does this problem coincide with all the hot weather we have been getting?

  cowley 17:20 22 Jun 2005

Usual problem, no monitor handbook and Hansol web site uninformative on power saving mode/standby. Previously when system shut down monitor light stayed on green and rebooted normally when system powered up next time. Any ideas please on how to access/modifymonitor settings?

  cowley 17:25 22 Jun 2005

Do not think it is a heat problem. System runs fine after restarting with power button, problem is monitor will not start and show post details etc, screen just stays dark with orange light blinking.

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