monitor aspect ratio wrong

  strewth78 12:31 24 Jan 2009

I have 2 widescreen monitors on my PC with a matrox parhelia dual-screen graphics card.
Both monitors are set to 1024x768, 60 hertz.
If I open an image of a perfect circle or a square I can see that the image is stretched horizontally. Not hugely, but noticeably. Maybe 10-15%.
The monitor options dont allow to squeeze or stretch the image, so its not that that is the problem.
Where am i going wrong?
is it a set-up somewhere? or have i just got duff-monitors? Perhaps theres a horizontal-magnetic pull in my room Im not aware of!!!!

Id love to get some help on this 'cos i use my computer primarily for using photoshop, so an accurate perspective is kind of crucial.

thanks in advance all


  strewth78 12:44 24 Jan 2009

...actually its a 25% stretch.
I measured a perfect circle across its centre on the monitor and it measured 15cm horizontally, 12.5cm vertically.

25% sounds very substantial, but also very coincidental.

  Eric10 12:46 24 Jan 2009

A resolution of 1024x768 is a standard resolution NOT a widescreen one. Try some of the other settings in "Display Properties, Settings" to get a better fit. Mine has options such as 1280x720, 1280x768, 1280x800, etc.

  ambra4 13:27 24 Jan 2009

On a CRT screen you can set the screen resolution from 800X600 to 1920 x 1200 and the

display picture would just get bigger or smaller the same would apply if you buy a normal

square flat panel display

On a widescreen the recommend screen resolution must be used for the display picture to

look correct if the recommend is 1440x900 screen resolution an you use 1024x768, screen

resolution the display would be stretch to fill the screen and you will get a fat and distorted

picture check what is the recommend screen resolution for your monitor

Most 19” LCD use a Max Resolution of 1440 x 900 / 60 Hz

Most 22” LCD use a Max Resolution of 1680 x 1050 / 60 Hz

Iiyama 22”Monitors use a Max Resolution of 1920 x 1080 / 60 Hz

Most 24” LCD use a Max Resolution 1920 x 1200 / 60 Hz

Iiyama 24”Monitors use a Max Resolution of 1920 x 1080 / 60 Hz

Most 26” LCD use a Max Resolution of 1920 x 1200 / 60 Hz

Most 28” LCD use a Max Resolution of 1920 x 1200 / 60 Hz

Most 30” LCD use a Max Resolution of 2560 x 1600 / 60 Hz

  strewth78 13:33 24 Jan 2009

thanks chaps!
makes sense...i need a 16:9 setting rather than 4:3.

The thing is, it only offers 4:3 options in my settings.

how can i select 16:9 settings?

  strewth78 14:56 24 Jan 2009

is it do with my graphics card perhaps?
can they only allow one format?

  hssutton 15:40 24 Jan 2009

You do not set a 4.3 or 16.9 as such, you set the resolution such as Ambra4 has posted.

If you post the make and size of your monitor, we can no doubt advise what the resolution should be.

I'm pretty sure the graphics card you are using is more than capable.

  strewth78 16:12 24 Jan 2009

The model is Yuraku MT5NBA

my problem is that none of the resolutions ambra4 posted are available to me.

  interzone55 16:39 24 Jan 2009

The Matrox Parhelia cards are fairly elderly,and were released before wide screen displays were mainstream.

If you're still running the original driver then it probably doesn't have the resolutions in it's settings.

Try updating the driver to see if that helps
click here

  ambra4 17:03 24 Jan 2009

MT5NBA 15.4" Widescreen 500:1 Black TFT Monitor

Max Resolution 1024 x 768, Response Time 16ms

1024 x 768 is the screen resolution you must use

click here

  strewth78 17:55 24 Jan 2009

so it has to stay stretched?
what a strange monitor!
are you sure i have no options?

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